Why Protein Porridge Is The Best Choice For An After Workout Meal

March 19, 2017

Why Protein Porridge Is The Best Choice For An After Workout Meal

While many people favour shakes as the best way to get protein after a long workout, there is a better option that will make you feel fuller, restore your energy levels energy, and make sure your ready to go again for the next one. This is protein porridge, a porridge that is made with high levels of protein and that will fill all of your nutritional needs after a workout, without making you drink yet another protein shake.

Many people also choose to eat protein porridge in the morning, using it as a substitute for things like cereal or yogurt. This helps them to feel fuller throughout the day, avoid carbs, keep themselves on track, and warm themselves up before heading off to work. However, protein porridge is also a great way to restore your bodies glycogen levels whilst also simultaneously repairing muscle tissue after a long workout. Many times this is credited for keeping training routines going and can be an important step in a diet that keeps you from feeling muscle fatigue and pain.

Protein porridge is packed with essential amino acids and carbohydarates to make sure that the body can make use of all of the protein within it. Low carb diets substituted with protein shakes usually don't meed the nutritional needs of intense training and can lead to fatigue. Protein porridge is often the perfect filler for an otherwise balanced diet that is just missing a little extra to ensure that all of the bodies nutritional needs are met and performance is maximised.

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