Three Reasons Why Protein is so Important to our Diets

March 16, 2017

Three Reasons Why Protein is so Important to our Diets

Protein is just for body builders right? Actually this isn't the case at all, protein is essential to all our daily diets and by making sure we are consuming enough protein we can be sure we stay trim, strong and healthy.


Maintain & Build Muscle 

Protein is absolutely essential when it comes to maintaining and building muscle mass. Muscle mass doesn't have to mean a body builder style physique, but the more muscle mass we have and the less body fat the more efficient our bodies are, burning calories at a higher rate.

By ensuring you get enough protein every day you can make sure your body is strong and in tip top condition.

Keep Fuller for Longer

Studies show protein keeps us fuller for longer as it takes our stomachs longer to break it down providing a slow release source of energy. By making sure at least two out of our three daily meals are rich in protein we can help curb cravings and reduce the desire to over eat.

Help Weight Management

Per gram protein contains 4 calories which is the same as carbohydrates, this is in comparison to 9 calories per gram of fat. A diet rich in protein, balanced with carbohydrates as well as fruit and vegetables and low in fat can help us to manage our weight, maintaining it and even reducing it, by keeping calories lower to ensure we don't over eat causing weight gain.

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