How Making Overnight Oatmeal Can Simplify Your Life

March 18, 2017

How Making Overnight Oatmeal Can Simplify Your Life

For most people, meal prepping and sticking to a high protein diet can feel like a chore. Starting the day the right way is essential in kick starting your metabolism and getting that spring in your step. However, in the morning, convenient sugary cereals are the choice of most - unfortunately leaving you to crash later on in the day, looking for another sugar filled pick me up.

When people think of healthy breakfast - fruit, yogurt and porridge usually springs to mind. And most good low GI carbs like porridge have to be cooked to eat them. It's sometimes a struggle to find anything fast and convenient that sets you up for the day in the right way.

Porridge is generally considered the king of healthy breakfasts. Most people find by incorporating porridge and oatmeal in to their diets they are better able to stick to their diets and goals. However, the only downside to porridge is the prep time in the morning of cooking it, especially when we're looking for a quick get up and go solution. This is why so many people have taken to making overnight oatmeal and bircher muesli to kickstart their day and shake things up. You may have even seen some pics of it on Instagram as it generally looks awesome.

The process to make overnight oatmeal or bircher muesli is rather simple, and can be customised depending on your personal preferences and also depending on the macros that you need for your diet.

For one portion - the first step is to measure about 50g of rolled porridge oats into a glass container or bowl. Then stir in about 100g of natural bio-yogurt (and about 100ml of water if you like your oats a bit softer). Finally, add in anything extra, such as nuts, berries, chopped apple, cinnamon or protein powder. Anything you like - go crazy! There are literally endless creations and flavours you can create. Lastly, cover and put the entire thing in the fridge and let it sit overnight.

When you wake up, the oats are already made. They should be slightly chewy, but easy and ready to eat.  A lot of people like making these in mason jars as they can pop the top on and take them on the go, eating them at the office, after a workout, on the train, or even in their car.

Overall, the entire process should only take a few minutes. You can even prep up a few jars for the week all at once, adding yogurt or milk the night before you need them, cutting all the busy work out of breakfast one week at a time.